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Cambridgeshire V Essex 12th & 13th May 2001
21 -- 15
Cambridgeshire Champions

Cambridgeshire Ladies 'B' 5 - 1
Sue Farrow 1 19.22 Sheila Busby 3 19.19 -- Ronnie Johnson 3 12.71 Roz Ambrose 1 11.04 -- Amanda Kelland 3 15.87 Sue Waterman 1 14.01
Betty Berry 3 23.20 Sheila Allen 1 19.11 -- Vikkie Cox 3 18.68 Cos Derby 1 17.08 -- Alison Marsh 3 19.52 Lyn Kelly 1 17.56
Match Award Winners Our Ladies knew that just two points were needed to retain their title and once again they duly obliged with a fine 5 - 1 victory that means they actually won the title with seven points to spare, proving they are without doubt the best squad of Ladies in the Country. The whole squad have had a good year but special mention goes to Ronnie Johnson who battled against nerves to complete a 100 per cent season as she won her ninth game. The Match Award went to Betty Berry with a stunning 23.20 average.

Cambridgeshire Mens 'B' 6 - 6
Ron Pettit 2 24.46 John Wastonage 3 28.62 -- Paul Wenn 3 24.33 Nigel Sleap 2 22.10 -- Martin Kingsley 0 22.24 Kevin Edwards 3 26.37
Jim Wright 3 23.12 Jamie Manchester 0 22.22 -- Carl Dockerill 0 22.18 Ian Turner 3 25.05 -- Perry Regan 2 25.00 Micky Harris 3 27.28 --
Rob Coggins 2 22.94 Darren Richardson 3 22.96 -- Mick Reed 3 26.66 Harry Smith 2 26.83 -- Martin Purell 3 22.77 Paul Wright 0 22.87
Dave Pinder 3 26.01 George Harris 2 25.93 -- Ian Kent 2 26.16 Shaun Walsh 3 27.62 -- Steve Swanson 3 28.66 Brian Hammond 2 22.97
Match Award Winners The Mens 'B' team match was probably the only one of the four where a title could not be decided as Yorkshire held an unassailable lead over second place Essex. The match turned out to be the 'game of two halves' as Essex lead 4 - 2 after the first six but we fought back in the second six to force a very creditable draw. The first half saw tremendous finishing from the following players :- Ron Pettit 113, Paul Wenn 135, Kevin Edwards 106, Jim Wright 110 and Perry Regan 150. This was a case of saving the best until last as Steve Swanson took the Match Award as he secured the draw for the team with a 28.66 average. Halfway Score Cambridgeshire 11 Essex 7 With the other scores now in we know that just three points will make us the 2000/2001 Premier Division Accumulative Champions !

Cambridgeshire Ladies 'A' - 4 -2
Lorraine Gilbert 1 22.37 Viv Dundon 3 22.84 -- Diane Chpaman 3 17.66 Juliet Curley 1 17.35 -- Sandra Greatbatch 3 20.59 Sandy Dance 0 18.13
Nadine Bentley 3 22.43 Mo Smee 0 16.11 -- Debby Greatbatch 2 21.80 Jill Walker 3 22.10 Lynne Papworth 3 19.82 Donna Hyde 1 20.21
Match Award Winners Another excellent performance from our Ladies as they came back from losing a very good first game to record another 4 - 2 win. Nadine Bentley continued her rich vein of form as she took the Match Award helped by the teams only 180. Both Lorraine Gilbert and Sandra Greatbatch had a 118 finish and Lynne Papworth just missed a 154 out, but two darts later it didn't matter as victory was clinched and with it runners up spot in the Ladies 'A' division. It was at this point that we found out that Yorkshire had drawn with Lancashire in their Ladies 'A' match and we then knew that the Championship was ours.
Cambridgeshire Mens 'A' - 6
- 6
Shaun Greatbatch 3 27.72 Micky Harris 1 26.70 -- Shaun Shailes 1 22.80 Kevin Painter 3 24.52 -- Bill Richards 2 26.79 Eddie Gosling 3 27.08
Paul Trower 0 29.52 Terry Rose 3 34.16 -- Paul Crawford 1 27.56 Stephen Hardy 3 30.22 -- Andy Smith 3 29.99 Mark Landers 2 28.70
Ian Brand 3 30.44 Steve Johnson 1 26.55 -- Dennis Harbour 3 26.96 Peter Mulreany 1 22.99 -- Les Hodkinson 0 24.85 Kevin Spiolek 3 28.36
Martin Adams 3 30.06 Wayne Mardle 0 29.00 -- Nigel Kingsley 0 24.63 Bryan Willis 3 26.37 7 -- Mervyn King 3 26.11 Steve Smith 1 26.33
Match Award Winners After taking the first game we had four defeats that left us needing the remaining games to get ahead of Essex in the Division, ultimately it was not to be despite some very good performances which were topped by Ian Brand who took the Match Award with a 30.44 average. Martin Adams beat fellow Interntaional team mate Wayne Mardle before Mervyn King rounded off the season with a win that would eventually see us finish in third place in the division. Some ten minutes was spent finding out other scores before we were able to announce that Essex were the new Premier Division Mens 'A' team Champions, our congratulations go to them and then the partying started for both Counties and it went on and on and on and on !!!!!!!!!!!! Final Score Cambridgeshire 21 + 3 Bonus Points = 24 Essex 15


Lincolnshire V Northumberland 12th 13th MAY 2001
24 -- 15
Lincolnshire Champions

This was a game Lincolnshire could afford to go into very much relaxed, (at least until the Sunday Mens A team games) knowing that promotion was already in the bag and their was very little doubt that they would be going up as Champions after holding a healthy lead almost all of the season.

The Ladies B team games on the Saturday proved to be a close run game with home player Nicki Wilson only just getting the better of Northumberland's Joy Wanles 3-2. The visitors hit straight back with a Lady of the Match performance from Chris Caldow winning her game with a 19.55 average.
Northumberland then took the upper hand by winning the next two games only to see Lincs level the score out at the end of the first day of the Ladies play 3-3 leaving Wilson to pick up the match award for her 14.70 win in the opening game.
Nicki Wilson 3 14.70 v Joy Wanless 2 12.73 -- Ruth Taylor 1 16.62 v Chris Caldow 3 19.55 -- Joanne Dand 2 16.46 v Penny Cowan 3 18.99
Sue Harness 0 15.06 v Glynis Kirvan 3 17.48 -- Karen Moss 3 13.60 v Dawn Hayles 1 12.97 -- Michelle Creasey 3 14.42 v Lilian Frost 2 13.13
The Mens B teams proved a different matter for the home side winning the opening game as Bill Bestwick beat Matty Willis in a tight 3-2 game, this was quickly followed by a win for Northumberland from Robin Calvert again in a 3-2 game. The next four games went to Lincs and with the exception of a fine 3-1 win from Peter Rowland hitting a 180 and an average of 23.90 again they were all 3-2 games, including the Lincs Man of the Match game from Pat Dix on 27.48.

Northumberland took the next point with a Man of the Match game from paul Nicholson with a 25.13 average but again the home side hit back winning the next two giving them a B team winning lead of 7 points to 2, Jimmy White for Northumberland took the next point but that was it for the visitors as the home team went onto to win not only this game 9-3 but the Mens B team Title for Division One
Billy Bestwick 3 24.15 v Matty Willis 2 23.49 -- Adie Johnson 2 26.70 v Robin Calvert 3 24.88 -- Pete Vaughan 3 22.97 v Rob Dawson 2 21.41
Neil Bunton 3 20.54 v Andy Dillon 2 21.14 -- Pete Rowland 3 23.90 v Arthur Dobey 1 22.32 -- Pat Dix 3 27.48 v Peter Finlay 2 23.14
Norman Pawlett 2 24.89 v Paul Nicholson 3 25.13 -- Martin Richards 3 26.63 v Allan Biggins 2 23.97 -- Simon Stainton 3 23.86 v Frankie Skillen 1 21.40
Ian Winter 2 23.03 v Jimmy White 3 22.72 -- Chris Knevett 3 24.05 v Dave Young 2 23.25 -- Kevin Bedford 3 24.16 v John Young 1 22.66

Sunday and this time it was the turn of the home team Ladies to be looking for an individual title holding a 3 point lead over Middlesex prior to the start of the game.
It was soon very apparent why and how these girls were top as they took a convincing 4-2 win giving them the Title of Ladies Divisional One A team Champions for the 00/01 season with wins from Diane Wilkinson, Jayne Allen, Debbie Royal and Julie Pipe, with Debbie Royal gaining the Match award. Winning games from Northumberland coming from Jackie Churchill and Lady of the Match Julie Thompson 20.49.
Diane Wilkinson 3 21.76 v Ali Murphy 1 19.78 -- Gill Turner 1 15.27 v Jackie Churchill 3 14.64 -- Debbie Royal 3 25.59 v Cath Groves 1 19.35

Jayne Allen 3 20.31 v Deana Nash 0 15.40 (you are the Weakest Link, Goodbye!) -- Tracy Wilkinson 2 19.33 v Julie Thompson 3 20.49 -- Julie Pipe 3 23.48 v Colleen Hunt 0 19.12

Now the Mens A team games and this was the one everyone had been waiting for as only one point separated the two teams with the advantage to Northumberland, but also the threat that if Surrey got a big result from their game with Merseyside then neither team could win, to say the least this was a tense time for both lots of players.
The Lincolnshire lads got off to a dream start as they took the first two games to take away the one point difference and put it to their advantage, with wins from Mark Waters over John Brannan and then a superb Man of the Match game from Eddie Lovely beating Davy Richardson in a great 5 leg game in which both players had averages in excess of 30 plus.
This however did not deter the men of Northumberland, whose A team has been the backbone of the team throughout the season. Wins from Davy Gradwell, Alan Davie, Mac Murphy now gave an A team score of 2-3 but more importantly a two point lead in the Championship race.
Mark Horspool and Dean Baker did their bit as they took the lead back in the A team game and more importantly with only 5 games remaining the title race was now level, it could not be tighter.
With a grit and determination the Geordie lads have shown all season they then took the next two games with wins from Dave Maitland and Roger Brown giving themonce again a firm shout at the title. By now a couple of phone calls had confirmed that the race was only between the two teams now playing each other as Merseyside had managed to hold Surrey to a 7-5 result.
Lincolnshire, not be denied took the next game as Mick Capewell took out promoted Robin Calvert, standing in for Greame Stoddart who was away in Canada. The score back to the one point before the games began, but that was it for Lincs as Northumberland took the last two games of the season with wins from (M.oM.) Andy Chalmers and Colin Dobson winning the game 5-7 and the Mens A team title by 3 points.
The Match score was 21-15 but nobody cared, Lincolnshire were up, along the way they had won the Mens B and the Ladies A, Northumberland missed out on promotion but the prestigious Mens A team title was theirs once again so everyone was happy and the punch began to flow "I'll let Debbie Royal tell you more about that"
Mark Waters 3 25.91 v John Brannan 2 23.99 -- Eddie Lovely 3 30.38 v Davy Richardson 2 33.41 -- Kevan Jenkins 2 22.33 v Dave Gradwell 3 24.33
Paul Ralphs 1 22.80 v Alan Davie 3 22.35 -- Martyn Palmer 2 24.41 v Mac Murphy 3 26.96 -- Mark Horspool 3 23.08 v Alan Whittle 0 21.57
Dean Baker 3 26.10 v Steve Wanless 2 25.35 -- Pete Mawer 1 23.80 v Dave Maitland 3 24.14 -- Rob Smith 2 24.75 v Roger Brown 3 26.19
Mick Capewell 3 27.83 v Robin Calvert 0 25.61 -- Mick Stocks 1 28.74 v Andy Chalmers 3 27.98 -- Carl Parnham 1 22.72 v Colin Dobson 3 23.38


Norfolk v Buckinghamshire 12th/13th May 2001
14 -- 22
Buckinghamshire Champions

Lisa Garman 3 15.64 Lesley Gibbs 1 14.91 -- Diane Bartram 2 14.08 Amanda Kuling 3 14.25 -- Mary Pridham 3 19.09 Dawn Goff 1 18.02
June Sider 2 14.74 Ann Wakefield* 3 15.35 -- Vicki Swann 2 12.91 Jane Sobey 3 13.23 -- Samantha Newman* 3 19.90 Karen Lan 2 15.43

Anthony Roberts 2 21.56 Ray McKeating 3 21.69 -- Brian Brooks 3 26.09 Phil Simpson 1 26.68 -- Nigel Knights 2 18.90 Tony Davies 3 21.58
Darren Webster 1 21.20 Les Charville 3 23.56 -- John Clayton 0 17.92 John Tarbox 3 23.86 -- Kevin Pleasant 1 19.34 Pete Stockley 3 25.00
Richie Underhill 0 15.70 Phil Barter 3 22.10 -- Adrian Ling 1 24.25 Paul Comb* 3 28.49 -- John Warby 3 22.54 Ian Wise 1 21.97
Dean Brown 3 18.43 Tony Moore 2 19.41 -- Richard Palmer 3 20.91 Paul Minns 1 21.60 -- Peter Wright* 3 26.37 Roy Pryor 0 15.02

Sharon Shaw 2 17.20 Kate Drake 3 17.62 -- Stephanie Potter 3 19.45 Carol Trevorrow 1 16.97 -- Janice Butters* 3 23.01 Fiona Carmichael 1 19.06
Dawn Standley 2 15.25 Angie Webb 3 16.19 -- Linda Simmons 2 15.78 Helen Webster 3 17.38 -- Lorna Sadgrove 1 17.97 Barbara Legge* 3 20.04

Ron Mold 1 26.59 Mark Leather 3 25.44 -- Paul Nobbs 0 21.75 Dave Babb 3 25.05 -- Michael Kemp 3 24.45 Mick Carrick 1 23.53
Martin Sheldon 1 21.50 Mark Day 3 22.95 -- Steve Bartrum 0 20.83 Lee Rose 3 27.33 -- Peter Taylor 1 25.79 Damien Fyffe 3 26.22
Paul Errington 1 24.83 Terry Adolpho 3 25.04 -- Andy Mallett 3 27.42 Nigel Beaven 1 24.09 -- Vic Hubbard 3 25.72 Paul Farnes 1 25.01
Michael Lewis 0 25.27 Rob Allen 3 28.36 -- Ian King 1 21.37 Graham McFarlane* 3 28.57 -- Paul Daniels* 3 28.24 Darren Williamson 1 27.91


Cleveland v Devon 12th 13th May 2001
22 - 17
Devon Champions

This was another game where the Champions position was already decided before the start, BUT as there were still at least two, possibly 3 counties still involved in the runners up spot, Cleveland being one of them, then at least the home team had everything to play for.

A few weeks before the game Cleveland had decided to make some tactical changes between the A and B teams in order to try to gain as many points as possible on the first day of play, and I have to say that although this worked to a degree it would have worked a lot better if some of the players concerned had turned up and played their part in what is after all a TEAM GAME.
The Ladies B team games saw Molly Pywell take the Match award for the home team and Patsy Fletcher for Devon, the games were quite close with at least of couple of games being won or lost for the want of a double, the score ended up 2-4 in Devon's favour giving them the B team Ladies Title, so well done to the Devon girls.
Ladies B Team 2-4 :
Pat A Smith 2 14.77 v Joyce Wilson 3 15.61 -- Clare Stainsby 3 14.60 v Kathy Roulston 1 13.33 -- Rhonda Page 1 15.90 v Sharon Duke 3 16.65
Molly Pywell 3 16.16 v Pat Kaley 0 14.27 -- Babs Bradley 0 13.88 v Sue Frankpitt 3 14.74 -- Jean Atkinson 1 15.69 v Patsy Fletcher 3 20.54
The Mens B team games started off as planned with the home team taking the first two game with good wins from Mark Muchian and Peter Searle, then things went slightly awry as Devon, although already promoted, were not about to start giving points away as Wayne Price and Paul Lyon (Man of the Match) both took vital games to level the B team game and restore the overall lead in their favour.
However Cleveland were not about to let this game nor promotion slip away without a fight and they hit back hard with a series of 5 winning games including a great Man of the Match game from Steve Robinson with a 27.83 average and a 3 nil score. Devon came back to once more take two games in a row to make the score 7-4 to the home side and newcomer for Cleveland Mick Hornsey made the final score 8-4 and an overall first days bag of points at 10-8 a precious 2 point lead.
It came to light that promotion chasing Montgomery & Radnor who trail Cleveland by a tight 7 points before the start of the games had registered a 6-12 win on their first day against fellow Welsh team Gwynedd, so it was still going be anybody's promotion going into the Sunday's games and I don't think many people in Cleveland got a lot of sleep that night.
Mens B Team 8-4 :
Mark Muchian 3 26.37 v Neil Pegg 0 22.89 -- Peter Searle 3 20.88 v Brian Hodge 0 17.87 -- Carl Smith 1 22.43 v Wayne Price 3 22.56
Mick Whittaker 2 21.57 v Paul Lyon 3 23.00 -- Joe Nicholson 3 22.43 v Jim Gregory 0 17.61 -- Paul Winspear 3 26.86 v Alan Long 2 22.55
Mak Chahal 3 23.27 v Bill Sanders 2 23.28 -- Jim Bannister 3 26.34 v Lee Taylor 1 21.56 -- Steve Robinson 3 27.83 v Kelvin Bruce 0 15.96
Jim Dunlop 1 21.90 v Ian Knight 3 22.48 -- Charlie Copeland 2 22.57 v Tom Quinn 3 21.97 -- Mick Hornsey 3 23.31 v Sean Budd 1 23.57
Just before I finish off with the final B team report of this season, although Mick Whittaker narrowly lost out 2-3 in his game he played superbly and has now decided to call it day.
Mick has done a fine job, not just as a player but also as a first class Team Manager who has taken some stick over the season for some of the selections, BUT and I write that but in capitals for a reason, although Cleveland have had to make some rapid changes to their team over the season because of players not turning up and not Mick's fault at the end of the day Mick can turn to them in the future and simply ask them. WHAT DIVISION ARE CLEVELAND IN THIS TIME ROUND?
WELL DONE MICK don't stay away too long.

Sunday and now the pressure was on for the remaining promotion place, could the Cleveland squad hold it together? and guess what, Yes you got it another quick team change, another player not making this last and most important game.
The A team Ladies games started off well, and this time it the home team that were looking at the possibility of an individual Title as the Cleveland girls held a 3 point lead over Gloucestershire and 4 would would be enough.
Jackie Alison started things off and quickly took 2 legs only to see a determined Mo Mortimer come back at her to deny the home point. Julie Sorby next up claimed yet another Match award with a 20.13 average and this was followed with a win from Babs Evans.

Pat J Smith and Vee Page both lost out in tightly fought games to give Devon a one point lead but Jean Hagan who has had a great season took the score to 3-3 and a quick phone call confirmed that Gloucestershire a had dropped points so the Ladies A team Title belonged to Cleveland.
Ladies A Team : 3-3
Jackie Alison 2 16.65 v Mo Mortimer 3 17.21 -- Julie Sorby 3 20.13 v Sandra Chamberlain 2 20.32 -- Babs Evans 3 16.52 v Candy Holdsworth 0 15.06
Pat J Smith 1 16.53 v Di Carpenter 3 16.82 -- Vee Page 2 18.74 v Debbie Lyon 3 17.66 -- Jean Hagan 3 18.59 v Tricia Penberthy 1 17.91

Now with the score standing at 13-11 in the home teams favour the promotion was still very much on the cards with everything to go for in the Mens A team.
As I said more changes up comes Mark Muchian, Steve Robinson and Jim Bannister following their great games the day before.Cleveland took the opening game as Glen Moody beat Andy Dowling in a tense 5 leg game, then disaster for promotion seeking Cleveland as Devon went berserk to take the next four games to take a 1-4 lead but more importantly an overall lead of 14-15 and the chance of promotion away from the home side, Simon Craven played his regular steady game to level things up only to Devon man Flynn Jones take out newly promoted Mark Muchian 2-3 after Muchian had missed doubles. Devon back in the lead.
Up on the oche for the home team, Glen Durrant who has had a great season so far and this game was no different as he took the Match Award winning his game 3-1 with a 25.64 average, followed by another win for Cleveland from Terry Fergusson, the overall scores now 17-16 with the whole room sweating not because of the blistering weather outside but because promotion was knocking on the door.
The next two games went one either way with another good game for Steve Robinson and a good 3-1 win for Devon man Andy Steed, overall score 18-17 so at least Cleveland had a draw, but as no one knew how Montgomery & Radnor were doing was that going to be enough.
Last but by no means least another man promoted from the Saturday, Jim Bannister could he do it? was he experienced enough? could he take the pressure? just some of the questions buzzing round the room.
The opening leg went to Devons Neil Howe as Jim Banister missed doubles, but then the game started and what a game with both players hitting ton plus in almost every shot, as one pulled away the other one pulled back, Bannister took a 2-1 lead and led off with the darts in the fourth leg, again he shot away with the scores, quickly followed in by great darts from Howe, both players on the double, Bannister missed and everyone thought, here we go another leg, but then Howe missed and Bannister made no mistakes with his second chance, Game Shot and the Match 22-17 to Cleveland giving them a total of 29 points ahead of Montgomery & Radnor a couple of phone calls later it was discovered Mont & Rad had amassed a total of 28. "Promotion at last by the One point that so very often has cost Cleveland"
The Man of the Match Award presentation took place and whilst Glen Durrant actually ahd the highest winning average, he proudly refused the trophy and handed to Jim Bannister, the 3 point man.
Mens A Team : 6-6
Glen Moody 3 25.22 v Andy Dowling 2 25.28 -- Kenny Dobson 1 22.26 v Chris Hunt 3 21.61 -- Mark Eccles 2 23.02 v Shane Joslin 3 19.88
Colin Johnson 1 27.89 v Trevor Perry 3 30.22 -- Gary Stephens 0 23.58 v Paul Godbeer 3 25.05 -- Simon Craven 3 21.37 v Colin Greenslade 0 19.91
Mark Muchian 2 23.22 v Flynn Jones 3 21.67 -- Glen Durrant 3 25.64 v Pete Tomlinson 1 20.04 -- Terry Fergusson 3 23.78 v Kev Saunders 2 23.46
Brian Boulton 1 26.93 v Andy Steed 3 26.53 -- Steve Robinson 3 25.47 v Chris Hammett 0 23.91 -- Jim Bannister 3 23.54 v Neil Howe 1 22.41

Jim Bannister

Mick Whittaker