Ever wished there was a telephone directory for dart sites?
Well! here it is, well almost. These three pages have OVER 308 LINKS, these combined with the links on other pages leading from these pages, total in excess of a possible access to over 1000 different Dart Sites in over 48 COUNTRIES.
Plus many Players Homepages and Sites interest, i.e. Darts equipment etc.

Page One will consist of the Major Links associated with the Sport of Darts such as the WDF, BDO, PDC and the IPDA.
Page One also contains an extensive list of Links associated with the BDO Inter Counties and many local sites within the British Isle's, including Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
World wide sites to other Countries listed in alphabetical order starting from the letter A through to E.

Page Two will also consist of the Major Links associated with the Sport of Darts such as the WDF, BDO, PDC and the IPDA.
World wide sites to other Countries listed in alphabetical order starting from the letter F through to Z.

Page Three will consist of a number of Links to Players pages and Sites of either use or interest such as Darts Magazines and Darts for Sale or Darts equipment.

Because of the origin of this site (UK) is listed first, this will be all the (available) links which I have to sites within Great Britain - UK, thereafter links to (available) World sites are listed in countries of origin.

Should you wish to have a site included in this directory, what you have to, do is place a link to my Homepage somewhere on your site then E-Mail me with the details of your site, URL E-Mail addrres etc. Informing me that you have completed the link. My Homepage link is http://www.dartsforall.co.uk once this is done then I shall return your E-Mail informing you that your inclusion has been successful.
Please note that due to the increased number of e-mails which have a virus attachment with them being sent out lately, despite this system being well protected I will still not accept any e-mail with an attachment. All information must be in the main body of your letter. (Unless sender Known to me)

UPDATED 27th October 2001

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B.D.O. Featuring extensive cover of Inter Counties and World Competitions
ENGLAND All the news and updates of the England squad
SCOTLAND Scottish Darts Association
WALES Welsh Darts Organisation
I.D.P.A. Players Asociation with loads to see. Players info - Comps - Etc.
P.D.C. The Pro's Page packed with info on your favourite players & World Competitions
W.D.F. World Dart Federation - Keep up with the news around the world.
A.N.D.O. Association of Northern Darts Organisation (Northern Youth)
Bedfordshire News and information on events around the Bedford area
Berkshire News and comments around Berks
Buckinghamshire Darts around the Bucks area including updates on their County progress
Cambridgeshire Darts around the Cambridge area with views from your host Peter
Cornwall The place to be on a warm summers day with a pint in one hand and a dart in the other
Cleveland Cleveland Homepage leading to many facts and info about Cleveland County
Essex News & Views around the Essex countryside
Glamorgan The Pride of Welsh Darts let you host Mick Getty give you the tour
Gloucestershire Darts around the Gloucester area with views on up and coming events
Hampshire For a Frank and honest opion of Hampshire Darts this is the site to be
Isle of Wight One of the leading sites around the country managed by the able Colin
Lancashire For news and views and some expressive comments on our game this site is a must
Lincolnshire Darts around the Lincs area including updates on their Inter County progress
Northumberland Information on Northumberland Inter County + Super League info
Nottinghamshire County News + of local and Super League info
Oxfordshire Darts around the Oxford area with information on up and coming events
Perthshire Darts around one Scotlands finest counties
Sussex A comprehensive site of interest for those in the Sussex area
Warwickshire An interesting site with loads of competitions and news of the Inter County teams
West Lothian One of the leading Scottish counties all the news and views
Wiltshire Darts around the Wilts area with news on the Inter County progress and competitions
Yorkshire News around the Yorkshire area -County, competitions etc.
Bedford Darts League Fixtures, Results and Tables RE: Leagues based in Bedfordshire County
Aberdeen Darts Asscociation Scotland
Dreghorn & District Darts League - News around Scotland
Barrow in Furness Barrow in Furness dart site, local players photo's + novel by local author
Portsmouth Chesapeake Darting Association designed to communicate local news and events
Pub Darts A local league for the Morecambe and District
Ingatestone & District Dart Leagues in and around Essex
Oxfordshireonline Bicester Darts League
Brentwood Borough Darts News and views in the Brentwood area, leagues Etc.
Swindon Darts All about Swindon + much more, a well laid out site, worth a visit
Harrogate Darts Darts in the Harrogate District's of Harrogate, Knaresborough, Nidderdale + Others
Britannia Dart Club Colchester
Dream Team Birmingham
Alan's Cornish Page Dart pages with news around Cornwall, web resources
Bracknell & Binfield Tuesday Night Mens Darts League
Aston Manor Dart Leagues Birmingham
Crosby & District Amatuer Liverpool
Wickford & District Darts Harrogate
Harlow & District Premier Darts League
Cornwall Cornwall Homepage
Belle Vue Darts Team  
Banstead & District Darts Surrey - League tables updated every Thursday
Yorkshire Youth Darts  
Bradford Bulls News around Bradford
Stirling Darts Stirling & District Mens Dart League
Queens Arms Dart Team Hammersmith - London
Guernsey Triples Darts League
Wheathampstead & District Darts League
Darts Federation of Australia  
New South Wales Darts Council (Inc)
Western Australia Darts Council (Inc)
South Australian Darts Council  
Indigenous Darts  
Roy' Dart Page  
Sunshine City Darts Club  
South Suburban Darts Ass  
Raymond van Barneveld  
Kevin Berlyn  
Darts West Australia  
Great Lakes Darts The Great Lakes Darts Association NSW
Austrian Darts Council  
The Dart Thrower Vienna, Austria, (English) - Tips on Darting Technique
DSV Crazy Arrows  
RDC Vienna  
DC Diabolo  
Dart Master Liga  
American Darts Organisation  
Bull City Darts League Durham, NC (steel tips)
Montgomery Soft Tip News & Views on soft tip darts
Scottsdale Darts Association  
Darters-N-Southern California
Shooters Edge Interactive (Dart Shop) Dart supplies TX
The Dart Room Club  
Alachua County Dart Association, Gainesville, FL
Pacific Darts Association  
Ventura County Darts  
Redding Dart League  
Wild Bull Electronic bristle boards for steel tip. Chicago, IL
Duke of Darts  
Darting Association Greater San Diego
Weapons of Leisure Wholesaling, Clinton, IA
K-B Darts Gateway Darters Association, Saint Louis, MO
Golden Hart Dart Association  
Dead Stroke Darts Accessories
Redwood Empire Darts Association
Ridgecrest Area Darters  
Cyberdarts The Cybernetic Magazine for Darts
San Francisco Darting Association
Medalist Games  
Rocket City Darts Associaton  
Sacramento Valley Darting Association
Bristols Dart Page USA
Gotham City Darts League The biggest and the best dart league in Brooklyn NY
New Mexico Dart Association  
Southeast Darts Association  
Florida Darts Association  
Mobile Bay Dart Association  
New Jersey Darts This is the premier site for darts action in New Jersey
Arizona Darts Federation A guide to darts in Arizona, information on leagues Etc.
Darters.com Darts info centre, related info on leagues and tournaments nationwide
Scorpion Darts  
Quincys Dart Site Loads of news, views and links
Gazza's Dart Page  
Dark Horse Darts  
Dart Lady's Place  
Great Lakes Darts Association  
Alaska Darts.com Up to the minute news from Alaskan Leagues
Juneau Dart League  
Darts Bahamas  
Ostend Darts  
Darts Federatie Waasland  
DC Mambo urt Korrijk  
Darts Bond Nooderkempen  
DC Dubbel Drij  
Darts Tournament Info Belgie
Darts Brazil  
National Darts Federation  
Bullseye Darts General information about darts, Ontario (English)
Dartmaster Electronic scorekeepers (Steel-tip) Burlington, Ontario (English)
National Capital Area Darts Page, Ottawa (English)
Darts Alberta  
Darts Victoria  
Darts Saskatchewan  
Golden Harvest Darts  
Yukon Darts  
Toronto Sports Association  
Darts Nova Scotia  
Manitoba Zone 1  
Calgary Pub Darts Ass.  
Metro Toronto Area Darts League
NDFC National Darts Federation of Canada
BCDA British Columbia Darts Association
China Darts This site does take a while to load, be patient.
EZI-Mik Darts  
Cyprus Darts Association  
Czech Darts  
Darts Club Velvet  
Danish Darts Union  
Dartklubben Royal  
Plaza Darting Association  
Dansk Darts Union  
Lars-Bo Sorenson Dart Club
Balti Mere Mangud written in Estonian

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