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Well here I go another waffle to keep you going for a short while, this time I have a couple of different subjects I would like to cover, starting with the Stan James World Match Play.

What is that man Taylor like, I think he is one of, if not the best dart player ever to grace our sport, so precise in almost every shot it is unbelievable.
It is going to be many a year before anyone can take away his crown and I have no doubt in my mind that "The Power" will set up a sequence of winning world titles that it is highly unlikely that anyone will take his record away from him.
I cannot believe an article which appeared on the Planetdarts site a short while ago could even suggest that Taylor be made to retired to give someone else a chance. Would that not lower the level of the sport? Is it not up to other players to practise and be able to beat the likes of Phil? To prohibit Phil in taking part in a World Championship would only serve to reduce the standard of that Championship by allowing, (for want of a better phrase) a lesser player to claim to be World Champion.
Stay where you are Phil and keep playing to the high standard that you strove to achieve, it is up to the others to catch you.
I only have one regret anyone who could not get to Blackpool to watch Phil's performance could not watch it on terrestrial TV as well as Sky, there are still many viewers missing out on some of the best darts in our history because they simply cannot afford Sky TV. So come on all concerned at the top of our sport isn't about time we got some ordinary TV shows as well as the Sky stuff.

Now staying with the Stan James or maybe not, it's really about the comments made by, Guess Who? Mr Pro Life (another change of name) I guess the guy just does not like to be critisied. The chap from London Mr S. Hudson made some pretty valid points in the July issue of the Darts World and instead of giving positive him positive answers to his questions, what does Mr Anonymous do? Rant and Rave like a little boy whose lost his ball.
Once more he makes the point of which organisation is progressing the better when the Player really is not bothered, all the player want's to do is play darts and not be used as a pawn in the middle of a political battle field.
The idea of a page in the DW to airs the views of the Pro's and the players at the top of the tree is great, but with such a man as Mr Pro Life doing it for them they gain no respect from anyone.

He once more goes on about the darting calendar, believe you me it is nearly impossible to put an event on and not compete with something at the moment, which is good for our sport, I defy anyone to try to put a competition on around October and not interfere with another event. At the end of the day all anyone can do is try to find a weekend with damage limitation and see which event the players want to go to, nobody can force anybody into going anywhere they do not want to go.
I get sick and tired of the Pro Life/File/Mithras or whatever, not representing all the professional players, but without doubt giving a totally biased representation to the PDC player (and we wonder why the two shall never come peacefully together) the reply in the DW August edition to Mr S Hudson, stating that the Pro Life represents all the players, I quote "Contrary to what has been said, this column most definitely does not speak for the PDC it speaks for the rights of all top players etc" what a load of crap Mr Pro Life obviously does not read his own column which contains almost everything that goes on in the PDC and whilst it does mention some of the BDO players it is either in a derogatory manner or little bit in the corner of his column.
As long as there are people like this man who is undoubtedly a players manager writing guff like this, there will never be a reunion, it is not in his interest to allow it.
I have said this many times before both the BDO and the PDC have some great idea's and some great competitions and with an amalgamation of some of the more useful BDO Directors and some of the more intelligent PDC Directors there is the possibility of a great Darts Organization such as the World has never seen.
But Alas as neither party really want to be together, (if they would only but admit it) the player will always suffer at the hands of these people, no matter what their names are.

Now I turn my attention to Mr Pro File and his claims that he knows everything or most things about darts and the darting people that makes his opinion worth anything, he ended his DW column last month with some predictions of the results of the Stan James Match play and a final comment.
" Still as the letter writers have said, what do I know".
Let me tell you Mr Professional that was a very dangerous statement after making predictions on games, because we will see exactly what you did know.

Manley v Beaton --- I personally would not have bet on this one. Too hard to say.
Harding v Lowe --- Whoever want 's it most, that was an intelligent prediction if ever I heard one.
Priestley v Painter --- You got that one right, but I feel quite sure that result was a good bet anyway.
Anderson v Burnett --- Two out of Four, but again no one would dispute that the Prince of Wales is a better player than the taxed out cowboy.
Brown v Scholten ---- Right Three out of Five, but again, has Brown ever won anything over here?
Askew v Stoddart --- Your looking good at the moment, but another game where the outcome was hardly a question.
Lloyd v Lazarenko --- The Big Cliff fooled you there didn't he? never back against experience.
Burgess v Justice --- Looks as though there is no Justice for you tonight, Justice was without a doubt the man on form in that game, bad move.
Harrington v Jenkins ---Whoops! wrong again the young gun had his sleeves rolled up for this game.
Warriner v Ovens --- Yea I'll give you that one, pretty much a good bet.
Mason v Smith --- Got say a good hunch on that one, Mason was playing quite well going into this tournament, I thought he may have done better.
Taylor v Harvey --- No body in their right mind would have gone against Taylor for this game, so although you can have the point I wouldn't claim any glory over that prediction.
Adams v Manning --- The captain, as you say would almost certainly have this one in the bag after his success in Antwerp and being right on form, so again another gimme.
Baxter v Evison --- A touch of in house loyalty, other than that I cannot see why you would pick the Tiger to beat a current England International, trying to make up for past sins maybe.
Lim v Roy --- Well how long is it since we seen the 9 dart man do anything else.
Part v Deller --- I would agree with the result but not for the reason you gave to justify his seeding, Part would all day beat Deller, a safe bet.

Well lets see how you done for the first round games.
2 you declined to give a prediction ------ 10 you got right, but with at least 7 of those games being odds on favourites at any bookies then I wouldn't claim that as a victory and --- 4 wrong totally.
So in other words without the dead certs, such as the Taylor game, you really guessed at getting 3 right and the Mason v Smith one you even admitted it was just a hunch.
That then took us from 32 to 16, the following rounds you declined to make any kind of predictions and gave us a final 4 and guess what? only 1 out the 4 and it was a one that nobody with half a brain cell would have not included in the last 4, Phil Taylor, the rest were out of the picture, adios amigo.
So in answer to your question and for the critics, what you do know is NOTHING! except the same as any horse race punter, if your not sure back the favourite.
You ruled out former Embassy Champions and current England players without giving them the time of day, so now tell everyone that you represent all the professionals and not just the PDC players, what you proved quite frankly was that you have not got a clue when all the players are playing together, which is what some people have been saying for years.
I strongly suggest the next time the players are playing in a tournament all together you keep your predictions to yourself and write an unbiased column for the DW, that' s if you think you can.

Now my next little bit is actually about something which has just happened to my mate Fred, the webmaster for this site who has kindly given me this space to have my waffle about various things.

He informed of a telephone conversation he had from the Chairman of the Cullercoats club where the competition is being held on the 25th August informing him that he had been refused the hire of the boards belonging to Northumberland Darts Organisation for the sole reason that Fred was helping them out with the running of etc. Also stating that if they (NDO) were to run it then there would not be a problem, talk about trying to blackmail a club into giving you a competition, thankfully the club stuck by Fred, a despicable act by certain people who claim to be running things for the good of Northumberland darts. Many thanks to Cleveland Darts who hired their boards to Fred enabling the competition to go ahead, despite the efforts of certain members of the NDO.

It would seem that certain members of the NDO cannot put their personal feelings to one side and run their county for the good of their members, if this is the case then they should be asked to leave and let some sensible people take over their roles as a responsible committee.

That concludes the second waffle from the Minotaur. May the Darts be with you each and every one.


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