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WANTED - PLAYERS 23rd Sept 01
Dear Fred

Our current league (Greenwich & Lewisham) is folding. We are the look out for an eight man or mixed, Thursday night league in the similar area of SE London. Can you assist?

Many thanks Tim Peake
Wanted Reply
Dear Tim

It is a great pity when we start to lose players from our sport and especially when it effects a league.
So come on any lads in the Greenwich & Lewisham area gets your arrows out and see if you can keep this league alive.

All the Best in Your Quest


MR PA-THETIC 16th July
Dear Fred

After having read the recent comments of the Pro File or Pro Life or Mithras whatever this anonymous S**t stirrer wants to call himself lately and also reading your comments in your Web Waffle Page, I have to agree with both you and the guy from London.
Why is it every time the dart players seem to be getting along and finally making some headway into once more playing in some kind of peace and harmony? does he/she stir things up again and once more cause unrest among the darting fraternity.
I am only drawn to one conclusion and maybe some other players may be of the same opinion and if they are then maybe they themselves should do something about this so called representative of the professional players.
Could it be that this person is a manager of either one or more of the pro's and knowing that if all the player's did eventually get back together then we would be back to square one of that fateful day at the Embassy when the old timer's (and I use that term with affection) are not making it to the televised stages of certain events, are not getting into the big money, therefore not making their manager any money. So perhaps it is not in his/her interest to allow the player's to once again play together.
This writer stirs things up not once or twice, but every time there looks as though some kind of common sense is going to prevail, if this is the case then maybe the players themselves, certainly the players whom he represents should think twice as to whether or not they want or need such a manager.
I know I certainly would not.

Dave Collier

Dear Dave

I agree with your sentiments whole heartily as my bit on the waffle page suggests and your comments beg no reply, perhaps someone else may want to give their views on this subject.

All the Best

Dear Fred

We are looking for support.
We are a ladies darts team playing in a small town called Beverley in East Yorkshire. We have been expelled from the Beverley Ladies Darts League for cancelling two darts matches due to extenuating circumstances. i.e. two of our players husband's were beaten up by males from another pub, and on Police advice, we have refused to play the fixtures that involve us attending that pub until after the court proceedings to convict these men is completed.
We approached the BLDL Committee to ask if there was a way around the situation but they were most unhelpful and said "rules were rules and if we didn't play the matches then we would risk expulsion".
After again asking to be allowed not to play these matches or play them in a neutral ground the committee have decided to carry out their threat of expulsion.
They state that we have no right of appeal! and that we have to comply with their rules (which after asking for a set of these rules we still have not recieved).
A note of support or any advice from you as to our best cause of action would be very much appreciated.

Niki Mitchell (darts player of 16 years) Yorkshire

Dear Nicki

This is quite a sticky point as each league has their own rules and as it is a local league then who knows what they are entitled to do.
I would however say that everyone no matter who or in what instance is entitled to an appeal, that is the law of this land, and if you are paying league fee's then you are definitely entitled to a set of rules.
I will send you a more detailed answer but in the meantime it may be worth pointing out to the committee that it is the members who elect them and it is the members who can de-elect them at the next AGM, I would also seek support through the rest of the teams in your league in order to add strength to this statement, also the police being involved should help your case.

Best of Luck

BLOOD ON THE ? 24th July

I read with interest "fred's" comments. he talks a lot of sense. you asked him "who was to blame" Well, I can tell you! I have written proof that BDO Directors are party to cheating! letters from county secretary's stating that "it's been dealt with" One County plays a player under another players name!
Is that "DARTS" ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE ANY INFO ON THE "(ex)Director can contact me.
Come on BDO- make darts a fair game again! get rid of the cheats in our "SPORT" Please( Including your so-called "executives") who are putting freindship before the rules of the sport and even before ability to play the sport Should a "County Player" be a player who can play darts , OR, be a player who can get on the Committee and be rubbish at darts? Should a County Committee be allowed to foresake good players , just to give their wives and daughters a game?
I am suspended for 50 years from dfs/gall for telling the truth aided and abetted by Scottish Darts Association E-mail :pipconnor@aol.co.uk

Dear Pip
I have on many occasions answered this format of letter and as a victim of the system myself I have to agree that something must and needs to be sorted out.
This so called peace that we currently have is a farce and we all know it, as long as the truth remains hidden then there will never be true peace among the players and exposing Directors may be the way to go.
At the end of the day all we want to do is play darts and play darts without any fear of recompense from anyone when it comes to who we play darts against.

All the Best in your quest

BLOOD ON THE 29th April 01
Dear Fred

After reading some of the articles over the years about the darts WAR its about time we left it all in the past and got on with our sport,The fuddy duddy,s are not going to go away until we the dart player,s vote to get rid of them.
So until that happens lets get get the sport back together the way its going at least the two sides are playing together now.

Keep going great site
Dear Tab

Nice to hear from you again and yes it is great to see the players playing together again.
The question is whose fault was it that they were playing apart in the first place?
This myself, and many others who tuned into the programme Blood on the Carpet was just one of the questions we wanted an answer to, an answer we never got as both sides very cleverly evaded it.
I also agree with you regarding fuddy duddy's, but and it's a big but with a big question, how many players, officials at local level took advantage of this situation at the beginning and at it's so called resolvement to wreak havoc on players, officials they did not like to get rid of them by exaggerating many of the so called incidents that took place?
You have my opinion in the write up on on the news around the UK page and it is, simple, many DID this to meet their own gains and made a simple situation, that may or may not have been sorted out quite amicably early on, 10 times worse than it was.

Yours in Darts













Dear Fred
I am desperately trying to raise money to upgrade a run-down beach hut at Shoebury which was donated for use by disabled, children in need, blind etc. The hut was so badly in need of repair, it had to be demolished but the site is good and close to all facilities - ideal for the under privileged to be able to enjoy a day out beside the sea.
I am appealing to dart players to help contribute (no matter how small the amount) - this can become a Dart players project, something they have contributed to and can visit to see the effects of their donations.
Although funds are beginning to trickle in, I am running out of time with not enough funds get the project finished before the winter sets in. Is there any chance that with your connection to the darting scene you could help in this matter. Just a couple of bus-stops here and there would help enormously.
Any donations should be sent to :
Janet Bristow at 286 London Road, Wickford, Essex. Cheques made payable to : The Beach Hut Fund and with a little help and a contribution here and there, we may be able to finish the project.

Sheila Handley

This is not the normal reply I give because it does not go to the sender, but to all Dart Players.
Got a bit spare cash left, some change left over from your Holiday, then where better place to put it than into the BEACH HUT where hopefully it can give some of these children at least, if nothing else a day out in the sunshine which they can call their Holiday.

Come Dart Lads and Lasses lets see what we can do for these kids.

Lets give Money




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